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Lutheran Study Bible Notes (Augsburg Fortress)

For The Bible Study App

Lutheran Study Bible Notes (Augsburg Fortress)

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Lutheran Study Bible Notes (Augsburg Fortress)

For The Bible Study App


Publisher: Augsburg-Fortress
Publisher: Augsburg-Fortress

The Lutheran Study Bible spotlights introductions, commentary, and essays by more than 60 Lutheran pastors and professors. It’s composed to invite readers to encounter the Bible’s good news via sound contextual information, specifically Lutheran instruction, and ample occasion for personal contemplation. Readable, inviting, and appealing, this study Bible is ideally suited for young and old people who desire to meet scripture anew.

*Readable: With conversational-English commentary, the Lutheran Study Bible displays Biblical content in a stimulating, accessible way. No previous knowledge of theological terms is assumed, thus making it suitable for both youth and adults.

*Inviting: The abundant study notes of this Bible facilitate finding new knowledge and provide constructive context while directly challenging the reader to immerse him or herself in the Bible.

*Appealing: The study notes empower the reader to become aware of biblical material and to know God’s word in terms of how biblical figures understood it, and how we understand it today.

There are four kinds of study notes:

*The Word of the Bible explains the historical, cultural, and geographic context of a specific selection.

*Biblical Concepts elaborate significant words or themes in terms of other Scriptures.

*Lutheran Perspectives emphasize Lutheran theological instruction and catechetical relationships from certain verses.

*Faith Reflections offer advice and questions that foster personal application.

PLEASE NOTE: This product only includes the Lutheran Study Bible Notes. It does not include the NRSV Bible. Also available is the Lutheran Study Bible with NRSV.