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Expositor's Bible Commentary - Revised Series

For The Bible Study App

Expositor's Bible Commentary - Revised Series

Enhanced for Bible Study using the Resource Guide

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Expositor's Bible Commentary - Revised Series

For The Bible Study App


Publisher: Zondervan
Publisher: Zondervan

An award-winning legacy continues; completely revised and featuring world-class evangelical scholarship, the Expositor’s Bible Commentary includes brand new commentaries and updates throughout the volumes. In Olive Tree's The Bible Study App, the EBC-R comes to life. Verse references becomes hyperlinks, the split window allows you to read the Bible side-by-side with the commentary, and you can easily take notes and highlights within the text. Enhanced for use in the Resource Guide, let The Bible Study App simplify your study with the Expositor's Bible Commentary.

Since 1976 pastors, teachers, and students have turned to EBC for content they can trust. With 2 million copies sold, the award-winning legacy continues in 2012 with a complete, totally revised, and updated 13-volume set. Scholarly and accessible, EBC-R reflects the best work from world-class scholars including D. A. Carson, George Guthrie, John Walton, and Andreas Köstenberger.

The Expositor’s Bible Commentary—Revised is a comprehensive and succinct commentary that guides users to the text’s core meaning. With enhanced features, improved interior page design, specialized discussion of key words and concepts, and each commentator’s point-of-view on the text’s implications for life, the EBC-R series is a vital resource for every preacher, teacher, and student of the Bible.

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Praise for the Expositor’s Bible Commentary—Revised

“The Expositor's Bible Commentary has been a core resource for decades with good reason: it is concise, clear, and focused on giving the key points of a book's message. Now with this Revised edition, one can continue to use this fine resource and know the discussion is up to date, utilizing all the strengths of the original.”
—Darrell L. Bock, Research Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

“Every student, teacher, and pastor needs a foundational set of commentaries that covers the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. The Expositor’s Bible Commentary (13 volumes) is that set. Written from an evangelical point of view and newly revised by leading evangelical scholars, the Expositor’s Bible Commentary series provides students, teachers, and pastors with a comprehensive tool for studying and explaining the Scriptures. I have used the Expositor's Bible Commentary over the years and look forward to using this newly revised edition for many years to come.”
—Mark Futato, Robert L. Maclellan Professor of Old Testament and Academic Dean, Reformed Theological Seminary—Orlando

“The revised edition of the Expositor's Bible Commentary offers students of the Scriptures quick and reliable access to the entire Bible in thirteen reader-friendly volumes. Written by the foremost evangelical scholars of our time, the commentaries on individual books seek to answer the questions that serious readers ask when they read the Bible. If there is one set of commentaries that all pastors and teachers should have, this is it.”
—Daniel I. Block, Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College

The individual volumes available in this series are:

  • Volume 1: Genesis-Leviticus
  • Volume 2: Numbers-Ruth
  • Volume 3: 1 Samuel-2Kings
  • Volume 4: 1 Chronicles-Job
  • Volume 5: Psalms
  • Volume 6: Proverbs-Isaiah
  • Volume 7: Jeremiah-Ezekiel
  • Volume 8: Daniel-Malachi
  • Volume 9: Matthew-Mark
  • Volume 10: Luke-Acts
  • Volume 11: Romans-Galatians
  • Volume 12: Ephesians-Philippians
  • Volume 13: Hebrews-Revelation
    ISBN: 9780310498025, 9780310491965